about pique & co.

photo courtesy of Kim Torres Photography, San Angelo, TX

What is pique & co?

Whether you want a huge celebration or a small social gathering, Jaquelyn at pique & co. will help deliver the entire presentation with an intimate feel. As a new company, pique & co. can be more available and personal than larger businesses, and can put more emphasis on the most important part of any event: details. The perfect flowers. The signature dish. The breathtaking space. The joyful client.

Jaquelyn is passionate about her work, and pique & co.’s special touch is beautifully apparent at every event. Through her unique knowledge of artistic chemistry, delicious cuisine, and the emphasis on an impeccable atmosphere, pique & co.’s events will be sure to leave you – and the guests – impressed.

Let pique & co. event planning and design help turn imagination into reality.